Our Mission: A Canvas for Military Journeys

At Veteran Command, we are more than a company; we are a mission-driven organization dedicated to honoring the service and sacrifices of those in the United States Armed Forces. We stand as a testament to gratitude, respect, and unwavering support for our military heroes and their families. Founded by a proud U.S. military veteran, we are a collective of stories, a commitment to service, and a family that extends beyond the confines of duty.


Our Story: Bridging Connections, Crafting Legacies

Our journey at Veteran Command started with a vision to forge meaningful connections and create lasting legacies for veterans and the broader military community. This vision was born from a deep understanding of the camaraderie, sacrifices, and the resilient spirit that define military life. We're not just about commemorating service; we're about celebrating the human stories within it.


The DTS Map: Trails of Valor, Where Journeys Define Legacy

The DTS Map, our flagship product, stands as a symbol of this vision. More than a map, it is a canvas for personal adventure and a testament to the military journey. Each pin on this map is a story - of bravery, of laughter, of love, and of resilience. Originating from the simple concept of pushpin travel maps, the DTS Map evolved into a significant emblem of military life, proudly displayed even in the corridors of the Pentagon.


Every Pin, A Story Untold

Inspired by the extensive travels of military personnel and their families, the DTS Map offers a unique way to capture these diverse experiences. From the sands of faraway lands to the warmth of homecomings, each pushpin marks a moment in time, a fragment of history, a piece of a journey that each veteran and their family have undertaken.


Commitment to Giving Back: Supporting the Special Forces Foundation

Our dedication extends beyond commemorating journeys. We are committed to giving back. A significant portion of every DTS Map sale is donated to the Special Forces Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to the well-being of U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and their families. This partnership aligns with our core belief in service beyond the battlefield, supporting programs that address the challenges faced by our forces after decades of combat.

Join our Mission
By choosing Veteran Command, you're not just owning a piece of history; you're supporting a narrative of honor, sacrifice, and resilience. Each DTS Map is an invitation to share your story, to remember, and to connect. It's a journey of remembrance, and with each map, we help weave the tapestry of military life that is as diverse as it is unified.
Together, let's honor the paths trodden, the memories made, and the legacies built. Your story, like those of the brave men and women we aim to honor, is just beginning.