Mike from Veteran Command presents the exclusive DTS Map to Lead Pastor Riley Halliday of MANNA Church. This image captures a significant moment in their partnership, symbolizing their shared dedication to supporting veterans and the military community.

Supporting Veterans Together: How MANNA Church and Veteran Command Are Making an Impact

Celebrating Our Partnership with MANNA Church

At Veteran Command, we are passionate about supporting our veteran community and partnering with organizations that share our values. We are thrilled to announce a special partnership with MANNA Church of Newport News, an organization dedicated to serving and building churches with a particular focus on the veteran community. By providing spiritual support and fostering a sense of community, MANNA Church plays a pivotal role in the lives of many service members and veterans. This collaboration merges our mission of honoring military service through our custom military maps with MANNA Church’s commitment to uplifting the military community. Together, we are making a significant impact, and we invite you to join us in this meaningful endeavor.

Celebrating Our Partnership

MANNA Church's Mission

MANNA Church, based in Newport News, is deeply committed to reaching out to veterans and their families. Their mission to spread The Word and act as a force multiplier aligns perfectly with our values at Veteran Command. By providing spiritual support and fostering a sense of community, MANNA Church plays a pivotal role in the lives of many service members and veterans. They strategically build churches near military bases to welcome and encourage more veteran believers to join their community. This approach ensures that veterans and their families have access to a supportive and understanding faith-based network, no matter where their service takes them. MANNA Church’s dedication to this mission has made a lasting impact on countless lives, reinforcing the importance of community and faith in the well-being of our military personnel.

Role of Pastor Riley Halliday

Pastor Riley Halliday, a former Air Force Special Operations member, has been a driving force in our partnership with MANNA Church. His deep understanding of military life and his dedication to serving the military community both spiritually and practically have been inspirational. Pastor Halliday’s leadership and vision have helped shape MANNA Church into a welcoming haven for service members and their families. His background allows him to connect on a personal level with veterans, offering guidance and support that resonates deeply. Under his stewardship, MANNA Church has expanded its reach, providing a lifeline to those who may feel isolated or in need of spiritual guidance. Through his tireless efforts, Pastor Halliday exemplifies the core values of compassion, dedication, and service, making a tangible difference in the lives of many veterans.

The MANNA Church Edition DTS Map

Crafting a Visual Narrative

As part of our collaboration, we have crafted an exclusive MANNA Church Edition DTS Map. This special edition map is not just a product; it is a testament to the journeys and sacrifices made by our service members. The map serves as a visual narrative of their service, marking deployments, duty stations, and significant milestones. Each pin and path on the map represents a chapter in the lives of those who have served, offering a tangible way to reflect on their experiences. Additionally, this edition highlights all the locations of MANNA Churches around the world, allowing for strategic planning in correlation with military bases to determine where the next church might be needed. By integrating these elements, we create a powerful tool that honors military service while supporting the ongoing mission of MANNA Church.

Giving Back to the Community

Profits Supporting MANNA Church

In alignment with our commitment to giving back, we are proud to announce that a percentage of this quarter's profits from any DTS Maps will be donated directly to MANNA Church. This ongoing contribution underscores our dedication to supporting MANNA Church’s mission and enhancing their impactful work with service members and veterans. Despite not meeting our sales expectations this quarter, we are committed to increasing our donation to support this meaningful cause. By purchasing a DTS Map, you are not only commemorating your military journey but also contributing to a vital support system for veterans. Each map sold helps fund the spiritual and community services provided by MANNA Church, ensuring that they can continue to offer a welcoming and supportive environment for military families worldwide.

Join us in Supporting MANNA Church!

At Veteran Command, we are dedicated to creating products that honor the service and sacrifices of our veterans. Our partnership with MANNA Church is a testament to this commitment. We are excited about the impact we can make together and look forward to continuing our mission of supporting veterans and their families.

For more information about the MANNA Church and to be a force multiplier follow them on instragam or visit their website below:


Instagram: @newportnews.manna.church


Thank you for your support and for helping us give back to those who have served our country!


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